python diagnostic tool for ICON#

Pyicon is a python post-processing and visualization toolbox for ICON with a focus on ocean data. The three main features of pyicon are:

  • pyicon-core: a number of functions to facilitate the every-day script-based plotting of ICON data

  • pyicon-quickplots: a monitoring suite for ICON ocean simulations which combines dedicated diagnostic plots of an ICON simulation on a website

  • pyicon-view: an interactive (ncview-like) plotting GUI for Jupyter notebook

  • pyicon-tools: command line based set of scripts

Pyicon is developed by the Max Planck Institute for Meterology and the University of Hamburg within the DFG-project TRR181 - Energy Transfers in Atmosphere and Ocean.

Pyicon is hosted here: https://gitlab.dkrz.de/m300602/pyicon/

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